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MASIPAG: A Community Farming System(2009-08-19)   Elizabeth Roxas,EBC
MASIPAG started as a movement of advocates for sustainable agriculture and later on expanded to include advocacy for small farmers\\\' rights and empowerment. It also promotes the technology for alternative farming, particularly the rice production.
Category : Agriculture  Environment 

The Ikalahan: Sustaining Lives, Sustaining Life(2009-08-19)   Elizabeth Roxas,EBC
One of the great sources of income for the Ikalahan people is their food processing using wild fruits from their forests.
Category : Forest  Education  gender  Self-sustenance  Environment 

Improved Cooking Stove : Environment Friendly Appropriate Technology for Healthy Life in Rural Areas of Nepal(2009-08-19)   Dil Bahadur Shrestha,NRC-NFE
National Improved Cooking Stoves Program aims to improve the living standard of rural communities promoting the use of renewable energy technology for protecting the environment while developing commercially viable alternative energy industries.
Category : Forest  gender  Self-sustenance  Environment  Child 

Environment Education for Quality of Life Improvement and Sustainable Development(2009-08-19)   Dil Bahadur Shrestha,NRC-NFE
The project provides \'Integrated Environment Literacy Program\' to the disadvantaged population including girls and women, for poverty alleviation through income generation programs and life quality improvement through Community Learning Centers.
Category : Forest  Education  Agriculture  gender  Environment  Child 

Community Learning Centers:Delivery Mechanism of Education for Sustainable Development(2009-08-19)   Dil Bahadur Shrestha,NRC-NFE
The project shows how the Community Learning Centers set up and managed by the local people could make the community educated and empowered, raise income level of the people, and improve their quality of life - health, environment and social security.
Category : Forest  Education  Agriculture  gender  Environment  Child 

Community Efforts for Improvement of Water Supply & Sanitation System(2009-08-19)   Dil Bahadur Shrestha,NRC-NFE
Facing with the poor water supply and sanitation, the people of Siddhipur community implemented \'Integrated Water & Sanitation Project\'. They designed the project by themselves based on local needs and resources with the support of external agencies.
Category : Education  Agriculture  City  gender  Environment  Conference 

Education for Sustainable Development Initiatives in Communities for Waste Management(2009-08-19)   Dil Bahadur Shrestha,NRC-NFE
Realizing the importance to include environmental issues in literacy & non-formal education programs, NRC-NFE has adapted packaged learning materials to raise awareness and promote behavioral changes on environmental issues such as waste management.
Category : Education  gender  Environment  Child 

Environment Friendly Sewage Disposal in Rural Area - Chuncheongnam-do -(2009-08-19)   Denise K.H. Yoon,LSAK
The Council for Green Chungnam 21, together with local agenda 21 councils and local NGOs and governments, established a pilot project \'Environment Friendly Sewage Disposal in Rural Areas.\' It applies the ecological circulation system with a low budget.
Category : Agriculture  River  Environment 

The Friendship of the Abled & the Disabled through Eco Tour - Incheon MetroPolitan City -(2009-08-18)   Denise K.H. Yoon,LSAK

Category : Education  Child 

Saving City Swamps & Eco Lake Building Project- Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do -(2009-08-18)   Denise K.H. Yoon,LSAK
The project, recognizing the value of swamps not only to support the city’s eco-system but also to mitigate the heat island effect and to provide better scenery, aims to find ways to protect and utilize swamps and to increase public awareness for it.
Category : Watershed  City  Environment 

Showing 1 - 10 of 33 articles
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